‘Dear Mr Miliband’ – why you need LISTEN

UPDATE  – reply received from Margaret Curran Labour MP

and the following

margaret.curran.mp@parliament.uk,coopery@parliament.uk, eaglea@parliament.uk  denhamj@parliament.uk   jowellt@parliament.uk
caroline.flint.mp@parliament.uk  lewisi@parliament.uk hilary.benn.mp@parliament.uk    jimmurphymp@parliament.uk creaghm@parliament.uk  andy.burnham.mp@parliament.uk
meghilliermp@parliament.uk   healeyj@parliament.uk  woodwardsh@parliament.uk ann.mckechin.mp@parliament.uk
eaglem@parliament.uk  hainp@parliament.uk  timmss@parliament.uk 
stephen@stephentimms.org.uk   buckk@parliament.uk byrnel@parliament.uk

Dear Mr Ed Millband (and to each and everyone copied in above)

  The 10 million disabled people in this country plus their carers, relatives and friends are watching what your party do in relation to disability issues and wondering why you seem disinterested in trying to get their votes by opposing the savage attacks against disabled people being made by the Coalition government. During conference season we wish to remind you, the architects of Employment and Support Allowance to ‘never fall ill, never grow old, never become disabled, never become a carer’, for if you do, as we have found, not even Labour will speak up for you.

Not only am I a carer of my autistic son, who has been treated very badly by our local authourity (Bracknell Forest) in what he is entitled to receive, (education up until the age of 25) that I have had to engage a specialist solictor on legal aid. Legal aid which has also been cut very savagely. But because of his severe condition (he cannot interact with people face to face) so he had been taught behind his bedroom door for 6 1/2 years (very successfully passing many GCSE’s, receiving a distinction and a merit grade in 2 of them) at home by 2 home and hospital tutors. He had his SEN statement ended at 19 last summer, and I have been struggling a whole year to try to reistate his education, so far without success.

My son although autistic deserves and has a right to continue with his education in the best and only way he can cope with at the moment (behind his bedroom door).

 I am also a carer to my elderly mother of 86 too who lives alone. I am 60 myself (an older carer) and my own health is deteriorating very fast, with very little regard from anyone for that, I am also disabled with arthritis, epilepsy, severe depression, high blood pressure and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No help or support for my son’s own mental health, despite me attending countless meetings in the past, where ‘professionals’ had considered it ‘OK’ to lie to me, to my face but in writing too. Offical complaints I made were literally completely ignored.

Desipte reassurances that assessments undertaken by ‘medical personnel’ at ATOS medicals or Job Centre Plus assessment interviews would understand Autism in all its different presentations, time and again it has been shown not to be the case. So I cannot bear for my son to be put under so much pressure and stress to attend a ESA assessment, so he can’t apply for the ESA benefit he/we so need.

There are so many carers up and down the country in similiar situations watching your conference, and please may I suggest you listen and read the words stated in this link below.


  Yours sincerely

  Ms Rosalind Brewer

7 Responses to “‘Dear Mr Miliband’ – why you need LISTEN”

  1. John McArdle Says:

    Sent to Ian Murray MP (Lab Edinburgh South) also


    John McArdle

  2. ALAN REED Says:

    i have so much sympathy for this lady,i have a relative with autism it is a very serious but mis-understood condition,we look after immigrants and spend money on wars but dont take care of our own..A.Reed

  3. ALAN REED Says:

    it is only a matter of time before human rights lawyers are involved in this benefit scandal,i would not know how to go about it but someone will.

  4. Sue Brock Says:

    Hi Rosalind Brewer. Our situations are very similar. I have an autistic son who has to be taught at home. I also live with and care for my elderly parents. Dad is now completely house bound and mum is partially paralysed. My sons education will finish at 19 (July 2012) even though if he could go to college it could potentially continue.

    Would you like to exchange emails with me? Email me if you’d like to. Love your letter and am composing one of my own :0)

    Together we are stronger. Sue

  5. heather Says:

    I sent emails as suggested to some labour MPs (I am not in a Labour constituency) and just got the automated message: Parliamentary protocol dictates that Members of Parliament can only deal with issues on behalf of their own constituents

  6. Lori Homayon-jones Says:

    hello Rosalind, as the carer (reluctant) because i wish i could work for kudos and cash of my autistic daughter i read your letter and wanted to hug you! perhaps if all of us carers got together and became more assertive (difficult on no sleep) we might one day have the needs of our kids and the others we care for acknowledged not much to ask wonder if the labour party is listening to us or whether they are too busy with their “squeezed middle”

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