Devon father angry at disability benefit questions


A father has criticised a government questionnaire which asked if his severely disabled son could return to work.

The letter was sent as part of the government’s reassessment of those claiming Incapacity Benefit.

Kelvin Halloran, from Torquay, said the Department for Work and Pensions should have been able to access information from the Department for Health.

BBC News – Devon father angry at disability benefit questions


2 Responses to “Devon father angry at disability benefit questions”

  1. malka Says:

    apparently no one is exempt…………… look at a persons file and case history is not enough for this government, they like to maximise the stress on carers, so we will crack up…………why i haven’t figured out yet…….if everyone’s case was looked at throughly before any letter was sent out, it would save the dwp time and money, and more importantly the person involved stress and despair…………but then the hungry ATOS machine needs feeding………….

  2. Alan Wheatley, Green Party member and successful ESA tribunal appellant through legal aid Says:

    It is good that the BBC is reporting this story, but their giving the DWP an unquestioned last word is very bad. And that last word is so bland and irrelevant to the case in hand that it seems to bear the hallmarks of Maria Miller speak.
    —-extract starts—-
    A DWP spokesperson said: “People who are too sick or disabled will continue to receive our unconditional support.

    “It is not right that some people were abandoned to a life on benefits and that is why we are reforming the welfare system.”
    —-extract ends—-

    The case in question focuses on a 24 year old with a mental age of thee. Where are the resources to support such a person in getting a waged job, let alone keeping it? Sadly, public perceptions and attitudes toward disabled adults are considerably harder than against children. So the DWP and its private sector ‘partners’ are not likely to be charged with people abuse.

    The statement: “It is not right that some people were abandoned to a life on benefits and that is why we are reforming the welfare system” needs to be challenged. Where is Jeremy Paxman when sick and disabled people and their parents require him?

    In his absence, I as a working-life long volunteer and lifelong disabled person will state that the DWP would like us to forget about the disabled people abandoned to a life on jobseeker benefits whose funded jobsearch supports were timed out time and time again. But I won’t forget those people. Why should I?

    From November 1977 till the time I applied for ESA in early 2009 — and excluding

    the two months or so in 1992 that I attempted ‘burning my jobseeker-benefit-dependency bridges’ by attempting to market my services on a self-employed basis and
    the three years I spent as a full-time mature student on less than the total of JSA and Housing Benefit

    even by going through all the eligibility hoops and hurdles that existed then, my sum-total of waged employment was 17 months, 11 of which were on JSA filling in fortnightly part-time earnings forms at the jobcentre and then having to ring up the DWP and wait months before they would top up my part-time earnings.

    I would not wish all that on anyone — except perhaps Lord Freud, Unum, Atos Healthcare, the Daily Excrement, Daily Heil writers and all their crews.

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