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Embattled Clegg squares up to party for conference fight

16 September 2011


Nick Clegg was taking fire from party members and his own former colleagues today, as he prepared for the start of the Liberal Democrat conference.

The party leader was warned not to be a "grumpy passenger" by former chief secretary of the Treasury David Laws, as members tried to force a vote on NHS reform and give the leadership a bloody nose on cuts to legal aid.

In a sign of irritation at Mr Clegg’s select attempts to distance himself from the Conservatives by highlighting the restraint the Lib Dems put on their coalition parties, Mr Laws said the party had to act as more than a "brake" on government.

Embattled Clegg squares up to party for conference fight


A Policy Dialogue Platform | Promoting Better Governance

16 September 2011


Experts have been enlisted to help the Government’s discussions on how to improve the care system in England, Care Services Minister Paul Burstow announced today.

From Monday, the Caring for Our Future engagement exercise aims to pinpoint the priorities that this Government needs to focus on to inform its formal plans to improve the care system. This follows on from the report on Commission on Funding of Care and Support. It aims to use the report as the basis for engagement as a key part of a wider care and support reform agenda.

eGov monitor – A Policy Dialogue Platform | Promoting Better Governance

Further questions raised on Welfare Reform | The Hardest Hit

16 September 2011


We urge Peers to make sure that their serious concerns about the Bill lead to practical amendments at committee stage and invite them to join us at one of the Hardest Hit events taking place across the UK this October, where disabled people will be speaking out against cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives.

Further questions raised on Welfare Reform | The Hardest Hit

A breakdown of usual channels – Lords of the Blog

16 September 2011


Yesterday the ‘Usual Channels’, that’s the chief party whips meeting in private, failed to agree that the Welfare Reform Bill should be debated in its committee stages ‘in Grand Committee’, that is outside the main chamber. Grand Committee is usually held in the Moses Room but for Bills likely to generate more interest there is the option of using a larger room on the upstairs committee corridor.

A breakdown of usual channels – Lords of the Blog

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