Govt’s welfare reform bill trick stinks of injustice


The welfare reform bill will affect millions of lives at their most vulnerable point – isn’t that worth proper scrutiny?

By Kaliya Franklin

The government is guilty of attempting to suppress welfare reform bill opposition in the Lords.

The welfare reform bill debate held in the House of Lords on Tuesday was in complete contrast to the bill’s passage through the Commons – constructive, eloquent, well attended and informed. Over 50 peers were scheduled to speak; the interest and strict time limits reflecting the levels of concerns across the House. Even those Lords who in principle fully support the bill had serious questions they wanted answered before the bill was passed.

Comment: Govt’s welfare reform bill trick stinks of injustice


2 Responses to “Govt’s welfare reform bill trick stinks of injustice”

  1. Ian (@cactusjack01) Says:

    Even before the Bill goes to “Grand Committee” (were they can’t vote on anything) the “Committee” (a selected group of Peers) will be treated to video and multimedia presentations sponsored by the very people who will benefit most from future government contracts. How can that be democracy?

  2. Alan Wheatley, Green Party member and successful ESA tribunal appellant through legal aid Says:

    At Green Party Autumn Conference on Saturday 10 September, Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay said: “Does David Cameron mean, when he speaks about doing ‘More for less’ that we should be doing less for those who have least?”

    On Friday, 9 September the same Conference passed emergency motions calling on the UK Government to abandon the ‘services’ of Atos Healthcare, and also to oppose the cuts to legal aid that the ConDem Government has lined up in the Legal Aid Bill. The Green Party of England & Wales supports the aims of Justice for All.

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