Welfare reform Bill – House of Lords –

Tuesday 13th sept 2011 witnessed the 2nd reading of this Bill – House of Lords.

Transcript from Hansard can be found here

Also available on Theyworkforyou websiteannotations can be added on right hand side relating to each speech made.

23 references made to carersdetails here


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  1. Anon Says:

    Welfare Reform Bill: Second reading

    House of Lords

    14 September 2011

    The debate on the second reading of the Welfare Reform Bill took place in the Lords on 13 September 2011. Lord Freud opened the debate with a speech outlining the Government’s intentions behind reform. Peers expressed misgivings about a number of aspects of the Bill including the benefits cap and the replacement of disability living allowance with the personal independence payment.
    The committee stage

    The next stage of the Bill will be the committee stage in the House of Lords. For this stage the Government will be publishing supporting information. This will include one-page notes relating to every regulation-making power in the Bill and illustrative draft regulations for some areas. There will also be updated impact assessments available.
    More information

    government accused of limiting welfare reform bill scrutiny in lords
    lords second reading of the welfare reform bill – [Hansard 13 Sep 2011 : Column 628]
    da briefing for lords second reading of the welfare reform bill
    dbc briefing for the lords second reading of the welfare reform bill
    Factsheet F16 – the stages of a parliamentary bill
    welfare reform bill summary

    also refer http://www.disabilityalliance.org/b23.htm

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