Disability Living Allowance: 7 Sep 2011: Hansard


To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what recent discussions he has had with disabled people on reform of the disability living allowance.

Disability Living Allowance: 7 Sep 2011: Hansard Written Answers and Statements – TheyWorkForYou


3 Responses to “Disability Living Allowance: 7 Sep 2011: Hansard”

  1. malka Says:

    who are these disabled people that Maria Miller claims to have consulted……………….i would like some evidence at least that this has taken place.

  2. onmybiketoo Says:

    Are there any plans to remove DLA from those receiving it post 60 yrs of age?

  3. Alan Wheatley, Green Party member and successful ESA tribunal appellant through legal aid Says:

    Regarding Malka’s question about who are thes disabled people that Maria Miller claims to have consulted, I note that the views of disabled people who have assets greater than £1m are likely to differ radically from those of disabled people who are constantly in debt even with existing state benefits.

    And I also note that the changes to Disability Living Allowance should not be regarded in isolation from other legislative changes. At Green Party of England & Wales Autumn Conference in Sheffield, 9-12 September 2011 two emergency motions were passed that sick and disabled people are likely to warm to.

    One emergency motion called ont the Government to stop using the ‘services’ of Atos Healthcare that cost the taxpayer £100m a year. The outcomes of tribunals have helped highlight and substantiate how Atos Healthcare responds to Government targets that are plucked out of the air to the detriment of disadvantaged people’s well-being.

    Another emergency motion — fully supported by Green Party Member of the European Parliament Jean Lambert — called upon the Green Party of England & Wales to increase its campaiging in support of the legal aid that the ConDem Government has pledged itself to cut. Withdrawing legal aid from benefit claimants as the Government has set out to do would deny tribunal appellants against decisions made by Atos Healthcare’s ‘Examining Medical Practitioners’ proper legal representation while Atos Healthcare has been proven to be completely unaccountable. While ConDem Government believes in penalising the poor in the name of ‘making work pay’, the Green Party of England & Wales believes in Justice for All and the aims and objectives of the Coalition of Resistance to Cuts & Privatisation.

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