60% with dementia are never diagnosed


Doctors fail to spot dementia in 60 per cent of sufferers, figures reveal today.

This means hundreds of thousands of elderly people are never given a diagnosis and are left to cope with the condition without treatment or help from carers.

Campaigners say some family doctors don’t bother telling patients they might have the condition as they regard it is a normal part of ageing for which ‘nothing can be done’.

60% with dementia are ¿never diagnosed¿ as doctors realise nothing can be done | Mail Online


One Response to “60% with dementia are never diagnosed”

  1. Kevin James Says:

    …….until its too late. Many people go to the doctors for help with a minor problem or not being able to cope due to lack of money, bereavement or loneliness or even a physical problem than gets ignored due to the doctor not believing them because they are elderly and just thinks he is there to listen and reassure them Therefore the biggest majority of dementia is not actual real dementia or alzhema but negligence and neglect to the point that a person deteriorates into a dementia. And also dementia is wrongly diagnosed in elderly people instead of taking a genuine problem on and dealing with a genuine problem. again until it is too late. There is one things older people get used to and that is being ignored and thought past it and gaga.

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