The politics of humility — Disability Now


With our media profiles as high as ever, Mike Oliver looks back to earlier days of protest and wonders where our sense of pride has gone
Disability once again seems to be back on the political agenda as the coalition Government’s plans for us have attracted a great deal of attention. The last time we had such a place in the sun was some 30 years ago when the then government had similar plans for us.
Our responses then were very different from today. We rejected society’s stereotype that we were tragic victims of unfortunate circumstances and instead we sang of our love for our bodies.
We chanted our demands for choices and rights on the streets. We warned the powerful that if they messed with us we would mess with them.

And we did.

The politics of humility — Disability Now


One Response to “The politics of humility — Disability Now”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Template Letter to Lords Re: Welfare Reform Bill

    So, with the welfare reform bill about to have its second reading in the Lords, I’ve written this template letter to send and DarkestAngel32 blog have produced this brilliant list of email addresses to send it to.

    Obviously feel free to send your own letter about the things that matter most to you, but if you’d like to send mine, you’re very welcome. Email addresses are at the end and whether you send the letter to one peer or everyone on the list, it all makes a difference.

    Please do join in. The more letters and emails they receive, the more chance we have of making a difference. The bill is already facing difficulties because of the brilliant work we did while it was in the commons. Now we need to build on that and make sure that as many peers as possible know about the issues.

    Finally, please share this article, tweet, link and send to friends. Thanks.

    Full details on link below

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