Why take down CarerWatch

CarerWatch cannot understand why ATOS have this problem with us.

CarerWatch have always made it clear that we have no criticism of ATOS. They are a private company and doing exactly what the government is paying them to do.

Our objections are to government policy. In particular we think the Work Related Activity Group of ESA has been styled exactly like JSA with time limits, threats and sanctions.

This is not appropriate for people with serious long term illness or disability who are trying to work. It intimidates them and may make them more ill.

We believe that if the sanctions were taken off the WRAG – the WRAG would become a supportive constructive place for people to find work – and all the problems with ESA would be solved.

Why is this a problem for ATOS?

2 Responses to “Why take down CarerWatch”

  1. Peter Horne Says:

    Well done carerwatchers must be really getting up someones nose.
    E mail on way to my MP
    Peter horne

  2. Silver Says:

    Right will always conquer Might.

    Well Done.


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