The Puzzle – result is always NOUGHT

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I thought at first this was one of those puzzles. You know the ones where you take your birth date, add your shoe size, take away your house number, divide by the date you left school and the answer is always NOUGHT. It is amazing and they still baffle me.

This is a new theme on that old puzzle and it baffles me even more.

Take one badly degenerating husband, add his severely blind wife, ignore her role as a carer, throw in a social worker offering no services and do you know the answer? Yes it’s always NOUGHT.

I sort of worked it out but then I remembered I had forgotten to add in my broken foots. Ah…got it.  A re-ablement OT came twice and she told me if there was anything else she could do just call.

Maybe I should have called?

Nope she offered nought so couldn’t be that.

“Eureka” you cry. “I bet they are trying to get this service for free.” Good heavens above no. Their charging policy is such that they even include my own Disability Living Allowance, awarded to me in my own right, as part of household income. AND all of David’s War Pension regardless of what it was awarded for. Don’t tell porkies Pat, they do disregard £10 because that is the law.

I’ll keep working on the puzzle.

Meantime I have to get some help in for David. He is quite poorly and although I wouldn’t normally dream of going away there is our first grandbaby about to pop and I am going to Berlin. I want to welcome this new life into this world. As ‘its’ grandmother I have a duty to warn of all possible pitfalls. I shall start with the puzzle.

So I regrouped and decided to swallow the bullet…is that right? I tried 3 private ‘Home Care’ providers, services, or what ever they call themselves these days.

Number 1. Be delighted to help. Live in carer. Matched to your husband’s needs. £700 – £800 per week plus meals plus expenses? Plus admin charge plus…

Number 2. Too busy at the moment. Call back in a month or so. See what we have then.

Number 3. Too far away.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………

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