Dear CarerWatch,

Re: Care4yourRights

Thank you for your support.

The blog is, as you know, dedicated to human rights issues in the field of healthcare on both a domestic and international level.  I am a Masters Student studying International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, but it is separate from this.

As you can see I have set up various pages on the blog, some are to encourage discussion, others to provide information and to give individuals an idea of action that can be taken regarding human rights breaches or violations in healthcare settings. I also have a page labelled ‘raise awareness’ and hope to use this to raise the profile of some of the important human rights issues in this field.

I hope for this blog to grow into a helpful resource for anyone interested in the broad area of human rights and health/healthcare. As I mentioned before it is still very much a work in progress. Any input is greatly welcomes as are any comments both positive and negative!

I have not yet set up a facebook page for Care4yourRights but it is something I may do in the future. I would be grateful if you could publicise the blog there too.

With Many Thanks

Miss Caroline Kayleigh Roberts B.A. Hons (Oxon) JP


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