BBC goes along with govt spoiling tactic on disabled people


Every month the Dept for Work and Pensions put out statistics purporting to show that few benefit claimants are ‘unfit to work’, with a juicy quote from a minister saying how terrible this is.

Today, the timing is immaculate: the BBC give it a higher billing than the report scathing about the Work Capability Assessment.

‘Only 7% of people claiming sickness benefits were unable to do any sort of work’, the BBC claim that ‘new figures have shown’. This is a monthly press release.
It also uses a statistical sleight of hand to misrepresent the proportion found fit for work. It is usually taken up by the tabloids, who then go through their usual routine of vilification.

The DWP press release regularly insinuates that the 36% of claimants who ‘dropped out of the application process’ were among those found ‘fit for work’, when that proportion of claimants have ceased their claims early for many years.

click link below to read full article on Liberal Conspiracy

BBC goes along with govt spoiling tactic on disabled people | Liberal Conspiracy


2 Responses to “BBC goes along with govt spoiling tactic on disabled people”

  1. malka Says:

    i’ve felt this a long time that the BBC is biased in it’s reporting of many subjects, but this area of bias is so blatant. we need to write to the BBC an open letter in the guardian exposing their warped reporting once and for all.

  2. carerwatch Says:

    You will find other links here that will interest you. One of them is Kaliyas’ article in the Guardian.

    You can also add comments to her blog

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