Welfare policy ‘turns public against disabled’


The government’s flagship Welfare to Work policy is inciting hatred and violence towards the disabled by portraying them as cheats and benefits scroungers, an alliance of charities has warned.

A drip-feed of statistics about claimants who have been denied benefits by the Department for Work and Pensions because they are deemed fit to work threatens the safety and quality of life of its members, says an alliance of 50 charities. The government is feeding a negative attitude towards people with disabilities, which, the charities warn, will ultimately end in violence.

The alliance has written an open letter to Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, after complaining that private warnings on the issue have gone unheeded. The charities say the government should instead be promoting the talents of those who no longer need to claim benefits. Alice Maynard, the chair of Scope, who is a wheelchair user, said: "We just feel it is too much now. It is becoming such a frequent occurrence, it is likely to have some very serious negative effects. I think in the end it ends up in violence."

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Welfare policy ‘turns public against disabled’ | Society | The Observer

2 Responses to “Welfare policy ‘turns public against disabled’”

  1. malka Says:

    it’s time that all the disability charities joined forces and refused to co-operate with this government until they call a halt to the welfare reforms and the re-assessments to IB claimants.

  2. Angel Fenton Says:

    The disabled charities are a disgrace, the government has them in it’s pockets because it is offering them lucrative contracts to get the disabled and sick into work, thus creating a huge conflict of interests.
    The charities have abandoned the disabled, nobody looks out for their interests now. The charities went alone with the government every step of the way and allowed them to implement this system which has terrorist an distressed thousands of disabled people, many having to go through the horror of being found ‘fit for work’
    when they know they cannot, then having to appeal, assuming the shock did not kill them.

    It is a crime what has been done to the sick and disabled, nothing short of a crime.

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