New disability benefit test ‘driven by cuts’


Proposals for a new medical assessment, designed to work out who is eligible for a reformed disability benefit, are flawed and could lead to vulnerable claimants losing payments, leading disability charities have told the government.

In a private meeting with disability minister Maria Miller, campaigners set out their concerns over the test for the new personal independence payment (PIP), with many organisations anxious that reform is being driven by a pledge to cut 20% from the cost of the benefit.

The new test will be piloted over the summer on around 1,000 volunteers who currently claim disability living allowance (DLA), which will be replaced by PIP when it is introduced in 2013.

New disability benefit test ‘driven by cuts’ | Society |


One Response to “New disability benefit test ‘driven by cuts’”

  1. Alan Wheatley, Green Party member Says:

    Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud recently pronounced on Department for Work & Pensions website that there would a clampdown on disability benefit claimants who get better to the point of no longer being entitled to their disability benefits without telling the DWP. (Cheats warned of benefit fraud blitz, 8 July 2011)

    It seems to me that from the former investment banker’s words that anyone who does not volunteer and is later deemed by the ‘examining medical practitioner’ and DWP to be not sick or disabled enough to be properly entitled to that benefit, will be deemed to have committed benefit fraud.

    Would it not be more cost-effective, fair and humane for the DWP to fine Atos for every benefit claim assessment in which the decision of Atos-DWP has been set aside in the claimant’s favour? (See ‘Enough to make you sick: Government urged to claw back millions from contractors after they wrongly assessed thousands on disability benefits’, Daily Record, 10 June 2011)

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