The Right Care and Support for Everyone

Welcome to the website of the independent Palliative Care Funding Review.

The review team have now made their recommendations to the Secretary of State for Health, by publishing their final report on 1st July 2011. To view the report click here.

In the report, we recommend the introduction of the first per-patient funding system for palliative care in the NHS. Our proposals include the development of a palliative care tariff based on need, a funding system which incentivises good outcomes for patients, irrespective of time and setting, and providing incentives for commissioning integrated care packages which stimulate community services.


 Friday’s publication of the palliative care funding review presents a crucial opportunity for the government to improve the experiences of adults and children at the end of life, and their families and carers. Although the vast majority of us would prefer to be cared for and die at home, in a care home, or in a hospice, the reality is that more than half of us die in hospital, often through avoidable and unnecessary emergency admissions. People need good palliative care, wherever they are. But we know that there are unacceptable inequities in access to and provision of care and support at the end of life. We need to close this gap.

Letter: Crucial chance to improve palliative care | Society | The Guardian

CommunityCare     Axe means-testing for dying service users, says review


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