Age UK reveals ‘devastating’ council cuts in elderly care

from Jeremy Dunning at CommunityCare

Councils are making “devastating” cuts of 8.4% to older people’s social care in England this year, hastening the “collapse of a crumbling” system, warns Age UK today.

The figure, based on Freedom of Information requests by the charity, is well above the government’s estimate of a 4.7% reduction overall in council budgets in 2011-12.

Net spend on older people’s social care will fall by £610m between 2010-11 and 2011-12.

These findings come the week before the Dilnot Commission is due to publish its landmark recommendations for the future funding for social care.

Age UK has previously predicted that council cuts from 2011-15 will leave more than one million older people in need not receiving formal care – up from 800,000 – and slash support for those in receipt of services.




One Response to “Age UK reveals ‘devastating’ council cuts in elderly care”

  1. Michael Anthony Snaith Says:

    I am so angry with all of this, I even post each and every link to my facebook wall. It just goes to show how caring our society is becoming. I recently lost my mother to the system (lack of medical care) – but I cannot go into this too much, as I am currently going through the motions (complaints) to the various official bodies.

    But I am really getting so vexed with all the lack of support from many including the so-called LINKs that are on my list of friends. No response I feel no action.

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