Walking with David – I wanted to cry with pride

another contribution from Pat Onions

Last Thursday, 24 June, David took part in a 3 mile sponsored Sunrise  walk to raise money for Pain Concern which runs the successful Airing Pain. Pain Concern gives huge support to pain sufferers their families and carers.

So what, I can hear you say.  People are always running marathons, jumping,  sitting in baths of beans or keeping quiet for hours. They all want to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Why was Davids walk different

David broke his back many years ago and can barely walk at all. Anything he does from lifting a cup to reading a book is excruciatingly painful.

It is there when the lamps go out at night and still there when sleepy eyes open to hear the dawn chorus. So this venture was hugely ambitious for him and the support given by friends and family was overwhelming. He wanted to put something back into a service that has given so much to others.

photo courtesy of Michaelnemec

Right that is the easy bit. Now I had to get him + wheelchair to Arthur’s Seat for 6.30 AM….that is in the morning. For someone who only has one 6.30 in his day this was going to be a challenge before we even started!

We only live 35 miles from Edinburgh but that would mean getting him up about 3 AM. Yup that’s still middle of his night! I thought about staying overnight in the Capital but that turned out impossible to get a bed.

Royal Highland Show that week, Bon Jovi concert at Murrayfield and Armed Forces Day took care of any available beds. So I booked a taxi for something o’clock.

About 12 of us met up at the base of Arthur’s Seat in the good old Scottish summer weather – Wet.  Heather, our organiser, handed round T shirts which David put on over his shirt, cardigan. jumper & rain coat. It seemed a bit on the small size he commented!!

View from Arthurs Seat -

Introductions over we set off up a fairly gentle hill with David leading. I scampered along behind puffing as I pushed his empty wheelchair. Chatting to the others I hardly noticed the group had slowed to a stop for happy snaps and a quite breathtaking view of Edinburgh. The rain had eased and it was possible to see the Castle and across to the Forth of Firth. A beautiful city.

The route levelled out and the others tootled past. Slowly the path descended and this was proving too much for David. Walking downhill is far more painful but he was determined to go on. It was clear to both Gail & I that he was struggling with both legs dragging and the body wobbling.

I was so proud of him as I helped his broken body into his chair. Of course he wanted to finish on foot and of course we both knew he couldn’t. I wanted to cry with pride.

He hadn’t made it all the way but had ‘run his own marathon’. His distance walked? That doesn’t matter. His stubborn determination, my legs and his wheels got us to the end. I don’t know what the final total we all raised was but I think it will be in excess of £1000.

Thank you one and all, but most of all I say thank you to my husband David.


One Response to “Walking with David – I wanted to cry with pride”

  1. Angela Cavill-Burch Says:

    well done. Hubby who is partially tetraplegic knows what pain is also . keep up the great work.

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