Profits come before people in care nightmare


IMAGINE being trapped in your home. Unable to get upstairs, even with a stair-lift. Unable to wash yourself and put on your own pyjamas. And imagine not only being so helpless and frustrated, but imagine being made to go to bed at 5pm. And then not being able to get up until 10am.

It sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But for thousands of elderly people in England, this nightmare is a living reality.

An interim report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission has discovered the shocking truth about the way that over-65s are looked after in their own homes by carers. And the full report, due in November, is not even out yet.

Jayne Dowle: Profits come before people in care nightmare – Columnists – Yorkshire Post


One Response to “Profits come before people in care nightmare”

  1. malka Says:

    what a country this is, not only neglect of the sick and elderly, but abuse as well………….this can only get worse, as front line services are squeezed dry by this government. who wants to get old in this country?

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