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No workers’ rights for carers – And another thing

22 June 2011


If I could ask the service providers who have anything to do with disabled children one thing, it would be to not make us have to chase them up.

In February, we went to school for a meeting about our daughter’s special needs statement, during which it was agreed that certain changes would be made to accommodate the fact that she has changed since it was last revised in 2005.

That took four months and only appeared in my inbox once I’d chased the relevant department.

I get very stressed and angry when people don’t bother to get back to me, assuming that I will remind them.

Frankly, I have enough to do. I am ‘on the job’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as opposed to their nine to five, five days a week.

No workers’ rights for carers – And another thing – Blogs – getwokingham – The Wokingham Times


Carers need statement from Coalition Government re Carers Allowance

22 June 2011

In support of Carers Week 2011, CarerWatch set up an information stand in a local Gala hall covering the period Wednesday 15th June through to Sunday 19th June 2011.  

The theme was the True Face of Caring and facts and figures can be found here

It has always been important to reach carers, to provide advice and information, and this year it has become even more vital.

Changes proposed within the Welfare Reform Bill, coupled with cuts to Social Services are going to have a massive effect on many familys.

Families providing care are a necessity and as the number of elderly increases and medicine breakthroughs continue, many people with illnesses will live longer…and the country will rely even more on the foundation that family carers provide.  Carers are a group of people who provide a vital service, yet governments past and present have taken them for granted, have taken their Love for granted.

Carers seem to have been completely forgotten, as benefits are changed around them. Both ‘Refresh Carers Strategy’ and ’21st Century Welfare’ – failed to address the issue of Carers Allowance and now the WR Bill is repeating that mistake. The only detail we know is that CA will remain outside of the Universal Credit.

 However, it still remains the lowest of all benefits, claimed by a group of people that contribute immensely to our society. We cannot and must not allow this opportunity to fully reform CA pass us by.

Carers are used to words of praise, more of which can be heard here from David Cameron last week  but it is NOT enough. No matter how much understanding he says the Coalition has, no matter how many times he says…Thank you, it is NOT enough.

Carers need action and they need it now

Campaigners hope peers will secure changes to welfare reforms

22 June 2011

 News provided by John Pring at

Campaigners are hoping to persuade peers to make significant changes to the government’s welfare reform bill, after coalition MPs approved measures that could see hundreds of thousands of disabled people lose some or all of their benefits.

The bill passed its report and third reading stages in the Commons, despite Labour opposition, and now passes to the Lords.

But campaigners believe that peers – seen as more independent-minded than MPs – will secure important changes to the proposed legislation.

Neil Coyle, director of policy for Disability Alliance, said it was “disappointing” that the bill had been approved by MPs, but added: “We are hopeful for significant change in the House of Lords.”

He said MPs’ decision-making had been “hampered” by the “deeply harmful” refusal of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to provide “even a rough estimate of the number of people who stand to lose out”.

He said: “We are desperately trying to find out who is affected, so decision-makers [in parliament] can have that information to hand.”

Among the measures still causing concern are proposals to remove the mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP) – the planned replacement for disability living allowance (DLA) – from most disabled people in residential care.

Campaigners hope peers will secure changes to welfare reforms

Letters: The benefit cap and media bigotry

22 June 2011


Thanks to Tom Clark for his exposure of the implications of the benefit cap the coalition is introducing in its welfare reform bill (The truly nasty cap fits, 16 June). On the government’s own estimates, 50,000 families will have their benefits cut, even though they complied with every duty placed upon them to seek work. Many families with children who are already struggling on benefits will be forced into further poverty.

Letters: The benefit cap and media bigotry | Politics | The Guardian

YouTube – M’luds won’t you help me with welfare reform

22 June 2011


As the Welfare Reform Bill moves from Prliament to The Lords, Sue Marsh, from sings Janis Joplin-With-Flu version of “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedez Benz”
Did you ever see a singing rights campaigner with hair this bad?
M’luds won’t you help me, with Welfare Reform?
The sick need protection, their facing a storm,
Worked Hard all our lifetimes,
Paid tax since we’re born
M’luds won’t you help me with Welfare Reform?

YouTube – M’luds won’t you help me with welfare reform

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: Why do we have a Minister for Disabilities?

22 June 2011


Here’s a quote about the first ever Minister for Disabled People. It sounds to me like he saw a great need for his role.

“Affected by his father’s experience, Morris [Alfred Morris, Baron Morris of Manchester] campaigned on behalf of the disabled; his father had suffered a long decline in health and eventual death arising from gassing during World War I.[2] After his father’s death, Morris’s mother was not entitled to a war widow’s pension.[3] Forty years later, Morris himself put the matter right by changing the law affecting armed forces pensions when he became Minister for the Disabled.

In 1970 he successfully introduced the Chronically Sick & Disabled Persons Act which was the first in the world to recognise and give rights to people with disabilities.[4] In 1974 he became the first Minister for the Disabled anywhere in the world.[3][5] In 1991 he introduced a Civil Rights (Disabled Persons) Bill and he has led campaigns on Gulf War Syndrome.[1]” (Wikipedia)”

Today, the position is filled by Maria Miller.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: Why do we have a Minister for Disabilities?

Lancashire care home abuses revealed

22 June 2011

 Twenty-three carers across Lancashire have been dismissed or are under investigation for abusing and mistreating patients, it has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed eight cases involving physical abuse, four concerning financial and emotional abuse and five cases of verbal abuse across Lancashire County Council’s 17 care homes over the past two years.

At the time of the response, there had been 12 dismissals, two resignations and seven carers were still under investigation.

Lancashire care home abuses revealed (From Lancashire Telegraph)

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