Carers : matters for a better life

Carers Matters is a new website that aims to improve the lives of carers by providing information and signposting to money saving ideas and tips, healthy living opportunities and sources of help and support.

As one of the 6 million+ carers in the UK, I have an understanding of what the role can involve and the challenges it can pose, which acted as a source of inspiration for this site and for this project.

The website is managed and delivered by Developing Communities, a voluntary organisation based in Cumbria. We are beneficiaries of a Better Net Award, an UnLtd project funded by Nominet Trust, that has helped develop the project.

The amount of information available via the site is hard to comprehend! We did lots of research to develop what can best be described as a directory of opportunities.

We’re currently working towards creating much more of a community feel on the site and looking to develop partnerships with other organisations with a view to being able to offer more opportunities for carers.

Please share the link  with anyone you feel may benefit by visiting the site or getting in touch with us. Alternatively, you could just forward this document to them if they’re on email.

Thanks for your time

Andrew Storey

Developing Communities


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