Locking autistic man in padded room ruled illegal

The Court of Protection has ruled that an 18-year-old man with autism and severe learning disabilities who was regularly placed in a padded seclusion room more than six times a day was unlawfully deprived of his liberty.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was taken as a 16-year-old to a residential school for children with complex needs. The teenager went with his mother’s permission but a dispute broke out in 2010 between care workers and the boy’s family after specialists began regularly relying on a special cell known as “the blue room” to control his behaviour.

The court heard how the boy, who is referred to in proceedingd as “C”, was placed in the padded room 192 times in a single month, the equivalent of 6.4 times a day.In a ruling in the Court of Protection at the High Court, Mr Justice Ryder described the case as “complex” and “tragic” but ruled that the use of the room was a deprivation of C’s liberty and was unlawful because the special needs school had not sought a deprivation of liberty order through the court.



One Response to “Locking autistic man in padded room ruled illegal”

  1. william wallace Says:

    The judge having a difficult case in dealing with.

    The parents whose dire protests were justified,

    The carers with limited staff whom dealing with
    a situation as best they could / which of course
    was care that well below the individual’s needs.

    Its a all too common event // where peple require
    care as support // if the govt were to tax people in
    amounts that truely needed in caring for the sick
    (people would protest at such levels of taxations.

    Thus the situation for many whom require care is
    far from which offering all treated in equal respect.

    The situation much depends on the carers / as the
    govt in providing the nessessery funding / thus they
    have the means as / the right staff in providing care.

    The reality / funding does not match the needs that
    many require thus for carers its but a daily struggle.

    The wages in such employment does not attract the
    best most qualified // it be employment that is left for
    the least qualified / the least caring individuals / with
    a very poor attitude to the vulnerable left in their care.

    The added problems / when complaints put forward
    they but go ignored // not because nobody cares / but
    it a situation // that pointing out the faults // one being
    still left with the major problem // inadequate funding.

    All in all a grave probem for the judge, Where there no
    clear cut solution to a dire problem / in caring for the ill
    a problem that grows with ever more aging elderly folk
    as a growing number of others whom require support.

    The soution can only come from a charity basis / where
    people / of a caring nature where abled give there time
    freely to the care of others / thus relieving the burfen on
    the govt as bringing a much need caring attitude / unto
    such present situations / where many under pressure
    as the impossible contiues being expected from them.

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