Personal Independence Payment and Carers Allowance

Jennifer Willott (Cardiff Central, Liberal Democrat) Changing from three to six months the period before which a claimant becomes eligible for the new personal independence payment not only means that people with sudden onset conditions, such as cancer or a stroke, have to wait longer for support, but it may affect their family’s access to carer’s allowance. Will the Minister investigate ways to enable those looking after loved ones who suffer sudden onset conditions early access to carer’s allowance?

Maria Miller (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Disabled People), Work and Pensions; Basingstoke, Conservative)

It is important that we continue to view the personal independence payment very much as something that relates to an individual and the way in which their condition affects them on an individual basis. We are not intending to look at particular conditions, but we will be carefully examining the way in which the introduction of the personal independence payment affects benefits that are passported, such as carer’s allowance, and we will bear my hon. Friend’s comments in mind.

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One Response to “Personal Independence Payment and Carers Allowance”

  1. Paul Murphy Says:

    Hi, i work for Knowsley carers centre and i am worried that the new PIP which will come into effect in 2013 and the new rates of low and high care wil potentially discriminate the carer of their entitlement of carers allowance. Could you explain to me the criteria of what the carers entitlement will be based on. ie what award entitles you to carers allowance low care? high care? thankyou

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