‘Just make us feel human’ – Carers Week 2011

Pat Onions, CarerWatch member, submitted her piece to CommunityCare.

The situation David and I find ourselves in is not unique but is pretty rare. I am his full time carer, nothing unusual, but I am registered blind. He broke his back whilst serving in the Royal Navy and suffers chronic pain, reactive depression and severe restrictions with mobility. It’s the blind leading the lame.

Do you have a story to tell? If so, send it to Vern.Pitt@rbi.co.uk  ( up to 450 words)

What small thing would change YOUR life as a carer?  Please add your thoughts here


One Response to “‘Just make us feel human’ – Carers Week 2011”

  1. Angela Cavill-Burch Says:

    For the medical profession to realise that until they sort out my husbands medical problems they are ruining two not one lives. He is on a waiting list to have a Baclofen pump fitted, meanwhile I am left , not being able to use a hoist because of his pain levels, not being able to get more than two hours sleep because he does not sleep, unable to fully deploy carers as they will not do the manual handling involved. I am 42 and I need to get back to work , before i used to earn 55k plus, i have lost three years earnings due to the NHS failure to adequately provide medical care.

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