Is there one small thing that would make life better for carers?

This is from CommunityCare for Carers Week 2011  . Please share with as many other carers as you can.

Carers Wall

1st request

To mark this year’s Carers Week, Community Care is running an online “carers wall” – a compilation of your comments and suggestions on what would make life better for carers.

We’re looking for small, achievable things if possible and you can email us your suggestions,  or post them on twitter with the hashtag #carerswall. Please try to keep them to one sentence. We’ll select our favourites and publish them throughout next week on our special carers wall page (link to come!).

At the end of the week, we’ll pull together all the comments and send them off to the government.

2nd request  – your story wanted

Community Care are putting some stories together for the website next week. We’ve got a bunch of in-house content coming at it from a policy orientated angle but we’d like to get some personal stories from carers themselves The question we’re asking is, “What small change will make a big difference to carers?”

I’m wondering if you and/or any carers from the online community could do a blog for us (under 450 words) giving your/their answer to that question. There is no need to fill that 450 words, it can quite happily be shorter. I would need something on Monday morning , if you can.

Feel free to send this to other carers as we can accommodate a load of pieces (there is no space limit on the internet), but they do need to say different things. I would need to know the names of the people submitting and the person who they care for ie. ‘James cares for his mother with dementia’.

Vern Pitt


One Response to “Is there one small thing that would make life better for carers?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Would like to make more Carers aware that they are not alone. We meet up virtual every Saturday from 8pm pm the Carers World Radio chatroom-it’s out Saturday Night Out In. We also play music and chat about light hearted themes on Radio Wey at the same time.

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