Open Letter to The First Minister re Sick Kids

Open letter from Zoe Bojelian

Dear First Minister

As you may remember you sent my young son Adam a wonderful letter last year congratulating him when he won his Brit Writers Award for his poetry.  Adam treasurers your letter, indeed it hangs in a frame next to his bed.

I sadly feel that I am left with no option but to write to you about another aspect of Adam’s life, his health care.  I am writing to you an open letter and I am making the letter available publically on a blog and sending it to certain national newspapers, because changes must happen.  I am aware that the concerns I raise in this letter are shared by others and are known about at the highest level both within the medical community in Scotland, if not further a field and politically, but they are being allowed to continue.  It seems only by putting this matter in the public domain is there any prospect of change.  I am aware that in putting this in the public domain I am also putting very personal information about Adam in the public domain and exposing our family to scrutiny and stress, but the problems at Sick Kids are so serious after seriously balancing up the risks and benefits and having faith in the goodwill and high ethical standards of the Scottish public (as we have witnessed since Adam received in his poetry awards), I think doing so is not only very much in Adam’s best interest but also in the public interest.  Indeed, I feel by not making public the way Adam ( and I am aware of other children with serious health problems and severe physical impairments who have been treated in a similar way at Sick Kids) has been treated, I am allowing the disgraceful treatment to continue.



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