A sunrise walk – living with chronic pain

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Chronic pain is a disease for which there is often little sympathy. This is because many people don’t understand it. If you have a broken leg, your cast tells people that you must be in pain. However pain from a ‘bad back’ rarely gets as much sympathy. Chronic pain frequently carries a stigma, and a misconception of pain killer addictions.

Often misunderstood chronic pain is very real.

As someone who has recently broken her ankle I understand, all to well, pain. Fortunately for the pain and me it will heal go. I cannot begin to comprehend going to bed in pain and waking up still in pain. It rules your life where every waking moment and everything you do hurts you. Depression & pain are unwelcome bedfellows. When you cannot see any end to this hurt, it is called ‘chronic pain’.

 My husband, David, has suffered chronic pain for over 30 years and, yet, is prepared to walk 3 miles to raise money for other sufferers. To most people 3 miles would probably take little over an hour, the sort of distance you walk the dog. To David who cannot walk one step without extreme pain it will be his ‘Everest’.

On Thursday 23 rd June a ‘sunrise’ walk will be taking place at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to raise money for Pain Concern.

Heather Wallace, chair of Pain Concern will head the walk. A chronic pain sufferer herself she will be joined by many other sufferers, their friends and families. Doctors, GP’s and people from the pharmaceutical industry are walking too. This will include the Chair of the ABPI Pain Scotland Group together with Bill Patton who is also participating.

I know they will all have their own ‘Everest’s’ to climb… mine will be to get David there for the 6.30 AM start!!!!

I shall walk with him every painful inch of his way. David, I am so proud of you.

Anyone wishing to donate can do it through Justgiving.com  (see under the name of Heather Wallace)  


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  1. Casdok Says:

    Hope it goes well.

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