Secrecy accusations over review into disability cuts

the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of secrecy after it was revealed it plans to keep hidden a review into disability cuts.

Last night campaigners said disabled people had a right to know the report’s conclusions, while Labour said the move “beggared belief”.

Controversy has raged over the cuts since they were first announced last October.

Under the proposals, tens of thousands of disabled people in residential homes, including around 6000 Scots, would lose benefits designed to help them get out and about.

Charities and disabled groups immediately accused the Government of picking on the most vulnerable in society.

Thousands marched on Westminster in protest and the Scottish LibDem conference in Perth earlier this year was picketed.

Only last week Maria Miller, the minister in charge, was forced to publicly insist the policy would not leave disabled people trapped indoors.

Following the outcry the cuts were delayed for a year to allow a review to be carried out.

It has now emerged, in response to questioning from Labour, that the DWP plans to keep the results of that review hidden.


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