Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed – Panorama Tues 31st May 2011

Panorama Tuesday 31st May 2011  9.oo pm

On the top floor of a special hospital, locked away from their families and friends, a group of men and women are subjected to a regime of physical assaults, systematic brutality, and torture by the very people supposed to be caring for them.

The victims are some of the most vulnerable in society – the learning disabled, the autistic, and the suicidal. In a Panorama Special, Paul Kenyon exposes the truth about a gang of carers out of control, and how the care system ignored all the warning signs.


Paul Kenyon
Matthew Chapman

3 Responses to “Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed – Panorama Tues 31st May 2011”

  1. glen Says:

    I’m 25 minutes into this programe and cannot believe what I’m seeing, this is absolutely disgusting. The staff are bad enough but how on earth was this allowed to happen? Where else is this happening? This is
    unbelievably shocking>

  2. Maurice Says:

    Thugs clearly. When in control of someone or something knowing they are vulnerable and the carers not having the training,intelligence,patience and caring to look after them. This is what separates the decent from the thug in all walks of life.That terrible need to control something badly.

  3. donna Says:

    i think its sick how long it has took for the right people to do something about the abuse in places like winterborn viwe no one should be treated like that it got me mad coz my brother has lirning probs

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