Telford mum wears nappy for speech to MPs

A campaigning Shropshire mother stunned MPs after dropping her skirt and delivering a speech, wearing a nappy.

The all party parliamentary group on continence care invited Alison Edwards from Muxton, Telford, to speak about caring for her 14-year-old severely autistic, incontinent son. Mrs Edwards stood up in front of politicians including Lord Howe, Government spokesman for health, removed her skirt to reveal a nappy.

“I wanted to make them remember me and what I had to say”, said Mrs Edwards, 47.

“My son Jon is the most important thing in the world to me and I act as his full time carer.

“But you would not believe what I now have to go through to secure things like nappies and toilet paper,” she said.



2 Responses to “Telford mum wears nappy for speech to MPs”

  1. Riven vincent Says:

    Good for her. How can i get in contact. Ive been campaigning for the end of the 4 nappies a day rule for some time and took it to David Cameron himself

  2. carerwatch Says:

    Hi Riven,

    Try these

    Electronic Editor – Chris Leggett:

    StarMail – Letters to the Editor:

    Editor’s Secretary – Yvette Pritchard:

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