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Elderly care failures

26 May 2011

A major inspection of hospitals in England has attacked the way many elderly people are treated and found some NHS Trusts even broke the law.

The review was carried out by the Care Quality Commission which examined 100 hospitals.

Some failed even the most basic essential standards of care on dignity and nutrition.

Standards are clearly set out the Health and Social Care Act.

watch the video here


London pensioner and disabled protest disrupts traffic

26 May 2011

Thanks to Lisa for raising awareness of this article

Pensioners and people in wheelchairs held up London traffic for almost an hour protesting at government cuts.

Wheelchair users Sam Brackenbury and Daniel Estermann handcuffed themselves to the back of a double-decker bus in Oxford Circus.

Members of the Greater London Pensioners’ Association stood in front of the bus holding placards.

They said they were “taking direct action” against cuts for the disabled and elderly.

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Understanding the lives of those who care

26 May 2011

Developing a clearer understanding of the Carer’s Allowance claimant group

by Gary Fry, Benedict Singleton, Sue Yeandle and Lisa Buckner

This study explores the caring situations and other circumstances of carers who receive Carer’s Allowance (CA). Almost one million carers who provide 35 or more hours of care to a person in receipt of certain qualifying benefits are entitled to CA, and over half a million were ‘in payment’ in 2009. This report is based on survey data from over 500 current CA recipients, and qualitative data from 83 of these, a review of previous literature and new analysis of official Department for Work and Pensions’ statistics on the full range of CA customers.

The study highlights CA customers’ wide range of demanding caring roles, (in most cases supporting a son, daughter, parent or spouse with a serious illness or disability). It draws attention to their relatively poor health, to the challenges they face in managing their caring situation, often with limited support, and to their difficulty in combining their caring with paid work. The study, and the recommendations it makes, draws particular attention to the services and support needs of CA customers, their aspirations relating to paid employment, and how the design of CA – including the rules on eligibility for CA and the limit on CA customers’ earnings from paid work – interact with carers’ other benefits and with other services and support carers may receive. The report concludes that a review of CA features relating to these issues is particularly important for the well-being and longer-term financial security of this group, and for their sense of being valued for their role by society at large.

see report in full here

Disability Living Allowance – Works and Pensions

26 May 2011

Written answers and statements, 23 May 2011

Sadiq Khan

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what timetable his Department has set for the reassessment of people in receipt of disability living allowance.

Photo of Maria Miller

Maria Miller (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Disabled People), Work and Pensions; Basingstoke, Conservative)

From 2013 we will begin to replace disability living allowance for people of working age with personal independence payment, a new, more transparent benefit and objective assessment of individual need. We expect that by 2016 all existing working age recipients of disability living allowance will have been reassessed for personal independence payment. We will continue to involve disabled people and their organisations in the design of this exercise.

We want to build on the experience of developing an assessment and applying it to new and existing claimants of working age to inform our decisions about the arrangements for children and pensioners. Therefore, we will not extend personal independence payment to children or pensioners already receiving DLA until we have had an opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the new arrangements for working age people.

Telford mum wears nappy for speech to MPs

26 May 2011

A campaigning Shropshire mother stunned MPs after dropping her skirt and delivering a speech, wearing a nappy.

The all party parliamentary group on continence care invited Alison Edwards from Muxton, Telford, to speak about caring for her 14-year-old severely autistic, incontinent son. Mrs Edwards stood up in front of politicians including Lord Howe, Government spokesman for health, removed her skirt to reveal a nappy.

“I wanted to make them remember me and what I had to say”, said Mrs Edwards, 47.

“My son Jon is the most important thing in the world to me and I act as his full time carer.

“But you would not believe what I now have to go through to secure things like nappies and toilet paper,” she said.


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