Welfare for the people, by the people – a Consultation

Received from Sue Marsh

Hi Everyone,
Today I’m posting this . I’m asking people to make their own suggestions on welfare reform. No matter how small, how extensive or how seemingly impossible,I’d like to hear from as many sick or disabled people as possible. 
Could you help in whatever way you can? Please help to urge people to take part. If you blog, could you cross post it, if you are a charity, could you urge your members to take part? Campaigners could RT and share on Facebook. Consultations are notoriously hard to get people to participate in – if you want me to write a piece specifically for you about this, I’m more than happy to do so. 
Any help, no matter how small would be much appreciated. 
Did you ever wish you hadn’t started something?

When I started this blog, I had some hazy idea that perhaps I could share my stories and it might help other sick or disabled people to feel connected. I thought I’d tippety-tap away now and again, saving my poor hubby the trauma of 24/7 news bulletins and political rants.

I didn’t for one minute think many people would notice. I’d used the odd forum here and there and imagined a kind of cosy support group where “spoonies” “sickies” and “crips” could enjoy reading the ramblings of someone who actually “got it”

read in full here

One Response to “Welfare for the people, by the people – a Consultation”

  1. Alan Wheatley, Green Party member Says:

    I attempted to write a response on Sue’s blog itself, with link references to Green Party output on welfare reform. That exercise took me most of an hour and was met with the awful ‘preview’ result of linked page content ending up in the message window and with no apparent way back to the body of my message.

    So I will recommend that Sue and her blog readers Internet search
    “Green Party” “welfare reform”

    Alan Wheatley
    ESA tribunal victor and member of Green Party Benefits Policy Working Group

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