How will proposed Personal Independence Payment affect YOU

Rhydian Fon James and the Broken of Britain team are gathering views from as many people as possible regarding the proposed Personal Independence Payment.

The draft Assessment Criteria for the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) were published here last week, along with some related documents and the draft regulations.

The Broken of Britain intends to read through this material and set out our reply, but we need your help.

We would like you to scan the assessment criteria and tell us whether the test would account fairly for your particular disability.

The PIP Objective Assessment Development Group will be considering comments received by 6 June 2011 before they test the likely impact of the draft criteria during the summer.

You can write a paragraph here, or email with your arguments, and any other points that you want to make.

If you want to send detailed comments of your own, send them to directly.

Whether you send your own comments, or contribute to ours, please get involved.

5 Responses to “How will proposed Personal Independence Payment affect YOU”

  1. Vanessa Trentham Says:

    Looks like it assessment by multiple choice questionnaire now. Better than ‘can you pick up a pen?’ and takes less time than a DLA form but focuses heavily on physical disabilities. I can see a lot of conditions no longer qualifying for DLA that should.

  2. Nobody Says:

    The PIP will affect me terribly – Because of their new ways of writing things (descriptors?) I will no longer get DLA – I have MS, I am in pain all the time – I have to stop when walking as I also have a prolapsed disk in my spine and that along with the MS pains in all my muscles makes walking hard. I do not leave the house at all if there is any ice or whatever on the floor as to fall wouold more than likely put me in hospital! I have to rely on internet shopping. I am very reliant on things like easy meals as I do not have the will or the ability or ‘spoons’ to cook it. So I live on easy meals – If I tried to cook something hard i would forget when i put it in the overn anyways and it would burn. Or i would try to lift it and either drop it or burn myself (again!) I have to watch what I eat as things that are hard make me choke.

    I have problems with my bladder, I have to be able to have spare clothing and washing is not free!

    I must keep my house warm at all times. I have lost since my dx of MS7st 5lb (that is NOT a typo) Yes I was fat to start with. I am not now, I try to eat right to not lose more weight. I like not being as fat as i was. But if i did not have PIP i would lose more weight, and no doubt i would start to drain the NHS by them saying I am underweight etc

    I need my DLA for heat/power to wash clothes and cook – Freedom to get to the hospital etc.

    I feel that this Govt want me to die to get out of their hair – That HAS to be against some human rights law – Why do i not pass any of the sescriptors for PIP? Microwave food (soup) is not the healthiest of foods, it lacks vitamins and minerals etc and I am low in iron. PIP is the ONLY thing I have that gives me any sort of independance or life. I am not a faker – I have MRIs showing what MS has done to me – And an MRI of my problem spinal disk.

    Cameron said he woudl care – yet the WCA is impossible to pass no matter how ill you are and they dont allow my specialist to write a letter about it nor my MS nurse who knows what I have to deal with etc.

    ATOS are not specialists – MS is NOT a tick boxable problem. I pray Cameron will get some care and realise the damage he is doing. All I wanna do is live 😦

  3. jane Says:

    I don’t think the Government has any idea of how people with dementia manage. I do not care for a person with dementia, but I do know that most people with this condition ( moderate dementia)would NOT be able to plan and prepare a meal for themselves,even with constant promtping.
    As for my own caring situation, I am not certain where my registered blind husband,and my learning disabled son will be after this. I wonder if we could give the assessor for my husband a pair of darkened glasses so that they could not see,and then they would have to pick up pound coins and write down their assessment on equal terms.

  4. Vanessa Trentham Says:

    I care for 3 children with special needs. One with Global Developmental Delay, one with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD, and one with Autism. PIPs with its focus on physical disabilities could destroy this family. If I am forced out to work because they lose DLA when transfered to PIPs as a single mum I will be expected to work. The time they are at school is essential for medical appointments, dental appointments (as they have to go one at a time), chance for me to wash, do shopping, do housework, get my hair cut, etc , etc. I have no option of after school childcare to allow me a bit of time for at least some of this, and holiday childcare is not reliably funded for those that need 1 to 1 support and over subscribed leading to no certainty of getting any places especially if you try to choose specific days, such as you’d need for work. I have no option of residential school or residential care. If I can’t cope the only option is hand them over to Social Services to be brought up in a care system that ruins children’s lives- it isn’t even fit for purpose for normal kids and produces more than its fair share of future prison inmates. Special needs kids don’t stand a chance especially as there isn’t enough foster carers even for the ones who don’t need high levels of attention.

  5. Nobody Says:

    Everything I read online makes me more and more desolate. No appeals for claims denied on the way – PIP and ATOS being paid to deny us. ESA and ATOS denting us and saying we are fine when we know we are not.

    I feel so down about this its making me so ill. Have lost 3lb in last 4 days! and that doesnt take into acct the 7st5 ive already lost

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