The Insulin Gang – 9yr old Cerys Anne Blake


Cerys Anne Blake welcomes you to her forum especially for children with Type 1 Diabetes, their families and friends. Make friends with other children who are coping with the same as you. The Insulin Gang’s Forum is a great fun way to make friends and talk about your feelings with others who understand.

Eleven weeks ago our lives were dramatically changed when my beautiful, bright and exceptionally caring daughter, who is of course only nine, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Cerys had been poorly with a chest infection for some three weeks, when the Doctors noticed she was losing weight, another check up led to more tests which led to the discovery that her blood contained glucose.  We were sent to Bath RUH straight away where we spent the next week, we were given a crash course in how to manage Diabetes in medical terms, we were given amazing support from the staff involved with Cerys’ care, both at Bath and locally in Trowbridge.  

We went through many emotions that week, shock, denial, anger, sadness, fear, many of these feelings are still very real as we come to terms with the condition and all the changes that it means. Suddenly having to have four insulin injections a day and at times up to eight blood tests a day is so hard for a child to adapt to, to understand and to learn to deal with.

We have been so proud of Cerys as she has gone back to School and had to adjust to that, and to being the only child within her School who has the condition. Her Primary School, Bellefield, have been faultless in their
approach to this change, and have supported both Cerys and myself as she comes to terms with School life with Diabetes.  Everything feels like it has changed.

In time things will become easier, but no one appreciates the wrench this news has on the child, the family, the siblings and just actiivities that were once so taken for granted but now need such thoughtful planning.

Cerys recently lost Hugh, her beloved Canine friend to Leukemia, and she has struggled to come to terms with this also. He was diagnosed the week she left hosptital although we never told the children straight away. Anyway, Cerys feels alone in her struggle to cope with Diabetes, she does not have
friend that she mixes with, although we have both sought help from the amazing Diabetes UK team online. So this brings me on to say that Cerys has thought of an idea, she wanted to set up a website, all about Diabetes, she wanted to reach out to other children and say, hey, you are not alone and I want to help you.  That attitude is just typical of my lovely Cerys.

She recently raised money for Connor who was terminally ill, she then held a tea party in aid of Diabetes UK, she made cards with one of her photos of her beloved dog on and sold those for the Charity too, and she has started making finger puppets for deprived children abroad.   She is one of a kind I feel, but of course I am biased, I am blessed to have my three lovely children and the other two have supported Cerys well.

Anyway, I digress again.    Cerys wanted a website and we fully support this because we know in helping others she will also be helping herself, she will feel less alone and we hope more supported.

Cerys Annes website is called   I thank my partner Doug for all his hard work on the tech side of the forum, it is much appreciated.

I hope you will take a look and support Cerys by sharing the link with others who may benefit. We have contacted Diabetes UK and the local Nurses to make them aware this was in the making. We are hoping it is promoted enough to become talked about in Hospitals when a new diagnosis is made, to help prevent children feel quite so isolated and to ease the worry for parents regarding their child feeling different.

Please take a look and let us know what you think
Kind regards

Donna Michelle, Mother

see website for further information

download flyer here


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