Migration to ESA – written evidence to DWP select committee

Migration from Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance written evidence (HC 1015)

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Summary from Carer Watch

CarerWatch are dismayed by the alarm and fear the roll out of ESA is causing our members. CarerWatch do not think ESA is fit for purpose and think the roll out should be halted until it is made fit for purpose. The Act says that any one allocated to ESA has a condition which makes it unreasonable to require them to work. If this is a long term condition they will always have barriers to finding and keeping work and they should be allocated to the Support Group.. The WRAG is a half way house to being time limited and sanctioned and forced off benefits. It is effectively requiring people to work which is illogical. The WRAG should revert to its original role of a rehabilitation group for people who will get better

With this one change ESA could become an excellent initiative to help people work and once the fear is removed people with long term disability  might take a more positive approach and take a few risks to try and work.


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