Welfare Reform Bill -Public Bill committee

Written evidence to be reported to the House 



The Committee consisted of the following Members:

Chairs: † Mr James Gray  , Mr Mike Weir 

† Baldwin, Harriett (West Worcestershire) (Con) 

† Bebb, Guto (Aberconwy) (Con) 

† Buck, Ms Karen (Westminster North) (Lab) 

† Curran, Margaret (Glasgow East) (Lab) 

† Elliott, Julie (Sunderland Central) (Lab) 

† Ellison, Jane (Battersea) (Con) 

Elphicke, Charlie (Dover) (Con) 

† Fovargue, Yvonne (Makerfield) (Lab) 

† Gilmore, Sheila (Edinburgh East) (Lab) 

† Glen, John (Salisbury) (Con) 

† Grayling, Chris (Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions)  

† Green, Kate (Stretford and Urmston) (Lab) 

† Greenwood, Lilian (Nottingham South) (Lab) 

† Hollingbery, George (Meon Valley) (Con) 

† McVey, Esther (Wirral West) (Con) 

† Miller, Maria (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensi o ns)  

† Newton, Sarah (Truro and Falmouth) (Con) 

Paisley, Ian (North Antrim) (DUP) 

† Patel, Priti (Witham) (Con) 

† Pearce, Teresa (Erith and Thamesmead) (Lab) 

Sarwar, Anas (Glasgow Central) (Lab) 

† Smith, Miss Chloe (Norwich North) (Con) 

† Swales, Ian (Redcar) (LD) 

† Timms, Stephen (East Ham) (Lab) 

† Uppal, Paul (Wolverhampton South West) (Con) 

† Willott, Jenny (Cardiff Central) (LD) 

James Rhys, Committee Clerk

† attended the Committee

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2 Responses to “Welfare Reform Bill -Public Bill committee”

  1. Nobody Says:

    It is indeed a shame that you hatew disabled people so very much that you are prepared to watch and cause them to die by your hand. Yes i consider this to be murder by you! The WCA not fit for purpose – ATOS are failing people who are blatantly very ill. You are paying ATOS for achievements that are untrue then you are paying all over again for the appeals. You should not be pying ATOS at all for the mistakes they are obviously making! ATOS are happy campers knowing no matter what they do you will pay them millions they do not deserve!

    Then you remove DLA just because you are lying to the public about the fraud rate that you KNOW is 0.5% which is the lowest fraud rate in any benefit. Cameron shoudl be ashamed when he needed it DLA was there (and he didnt need it being a millonaire) but he would still watch people die, and cause them to all because of his lies helped by the slanderous papers and the lies and wrong figures given out.

    WHO do you think will employ somebody who wets themself and who needs to rest 3-4 times a day? but suddenly ESA medical says they are fit to work – who in this country would employ somebody who is unable to do the work????? This is a joke and i personally and my family and almost everyone i know regret voting for you lot and will NEVER ever vote for you again! and i mean ever!

    The BNP will get into power all because of your lies.

    I am ashamed to be British when you have shown how little peoples lives mean to you. Disabled people did not choose this life – I know damned well i had dreams and aspirations before disability took it from me. And my MP being a waste of space all because she is so busy kissing conservative butt to be in her seat she would say or do anything but she will NOT STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE IN HER CONSTITUENCY which means to me she doesnt deserve her seat!

    I am disabled I AM NOT SCUM and i deserve to live. Remove my DLA and plonk me on JA it wont make me well THERE IS NO CURE FOR WHAT I HAVE!

    I am disgusted by this govt and their uncaring ways.

  2. Bill Kruse Says:

    Hear hear! In my view charges should be being brought about what’s going on in welfare, the only thing that’s being done right is hundreds of millions of pounds of public money are being siphoned off into a private company. I suggest this was always the real point of the exercise; as the above poster says, there wasn’t any benefit fraud to speak of -not till ATOS got in on the act!


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