The nightmare of getting help and the Scottish elections

Received from Pat Onions – member of  The Broken of Britain and Carer Watch

All parties are publishing their manifestos for forthcoming Scottish elections and using promise of ‘help’ for 850,000 carers. This is a copy of what i am writing to them all.


Do you want to hear a true horror story?

I have been in Australia visiting my brother who had terminal cancer. He died whilst I was there. Somehow I managed to fall over fresh air and badly smashed my ankle. Surgeon operated and saved my foot. No problem with care, support and help in Australia. 

David tried to get me some help from social works for when I arrived home on Easter Saturday. Miracles can happen. Not in this case.

South Lanarkshire provided David with half an hour on a daily basis for 4 weeks and this runs out on 1 May. The rest of his care has been made up from the kindness of friends. 

They can provide NO help for me whatsoever. NOT as a severely blind person, NOT as a full time carer, NOT for someone who has a serious injury and can not walk for at least 7 weeks. I can not even put my foot to the ground.

I have been told by many in social works that they have NO ONE available to even give me a shower or wash my hair. The home carers who come in for David have been instructed to give me any help I may need. As I said they are primarily here for him and half an hour is just long enough to help him.
The way carers and disabled people are treated disgusts me. What do i have to be? A blob in the corner? How do I get help as a carer? 

David’s health has deteriorated significantly and he is seriously struggling to give me any assistance. He shouldn’t have to. It is making his condition worse and his health will be even more damaged.

I love it when I read how politicians are planning to help carers. You can promise us the world on a silver platter but it is local authorities who hold the purse strings and disabled people and carers are easy targets when money is tight. Until money is ring fenced MSP’s will have no control as to how and what LA’s spend.

I believe the extra hours talked about are to place our loved ones in a council run nursing home. This is regardless of their age or disability and is often totally unsuitable. Believe me I know from experience.

I have been involved for many years with MSP’s from all parties and they agree it is the LA who control what happens.  Is this really why laws are made by Scottish Parliament? Laws to protect the vulnerable when LA’s add cop out clauses before the ink is even dry? 

I wait your answers. At the moment NO party will get my vote based on promises of help for carers/

Pat Onions

PS I have just been informed a home carer has been ‘found’. She will come each morning for 45 mins for one week, She will attend to both of us. I tug my forelock with eternal gratitude for allowing us to eat the crumbs from under your ever so worthy table.
How ever do you manage to provide all David’s care needs and mine, in 45 mins when it takes me 24 hours?


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