Who is the Most Deserving? by Sue Marsh

Yesterday and today, the Telegraph and the BBC carry yet another DWP story trumpeting the great “success” of Employment Support Allowance. They are delighted to announce that of 1,175,700 new claims since 2008 a massive 887,300 failed to qualify for assistance. That’s 75%. Isn’t that wonderful? Hardly anyone was sick or disabled after all!
So which one will you choose? Nadeem? Pete? Mary? Dan? Which one should we help? You see we can’t afford to support them all. MS, “Back problems” Cancer and amputation are all conditions up for debate under Employment Support Allowance. All have been found “Fit for Work” amongst these wonderful figures.  We are told that our 4th richest economy in the world just can’t afford to help them all any more , so which one do you think ought to qualify?
see in full here

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