The State of Caring 2011 – survey from Carers UK

Carers UK is conducting a major new piece of research into the impact that caring for ill, frail or disabled relatives can have on carers’ finances, health and ability to live their own lives.

The survey will take about 20 minutes and will bring together and update a variety of different pieces of research Carers UK has done in previous years to get a fresh picture of the state of caring in 2010-11.

Because the survey covers lots of different aspects of caring it is longer than usual, however these questions are important to build a really clear picture of the impact of caring.

If you would prefer not to provide some of the details, you can skip certain questions. However the more details you provide the better able we are to build up a detailed picture of how caring affects different people.

As well as ticking the boxes we are also keen to hear in more detail about your experiences and views. Please use the comments boxes if you would like to add more detail. If you have had a particularly good experience and received support that has made a real difference to you, or have had particuarly bad experiences, we would like to know.

survey to be completed here


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