Councillor stands down due to party’s policies

A DISABLED councillor has spoken of his anguish at stepping down from politics because he can no longer support the policies of his party.

LCflitcroft 2504Councillor Ollie Flitcroft, who has served as a Conservative member of Barrow Borough Council for almost five years, disagrees with the Tory’s national stance on disabilities.

Cllr Flitcroft, a wheelchair user and disability rights campaigner, said he could not represent a party making cuts which would affect the most vulnerable.

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3 Responses to “Councillor stands down due to party’s policies”

  1. Nobody Says:

    Well done for somebody standing up for us at last! Tahnk you – I just hope that MORE councillors notice the fact that the disabled are not sh*t under the feet of the govt and if the govt want to save money they shoudl go after tax evaders and big companies (yeah the ones they let off paying their tax) and stop wasting money and attacking the disabled like we made this defecit when we did NOT. Look and go after those who did!

  2. silver Says:

    This is what we need.People of conscience and Principal.Not People of Power and Money.
    Well done to Ollie Flitcroft.May more take a stand like him instead of towing the party line.Have the People that hold power in this Country lost all its Principles.Are the Disabled just Broken Capitalist units that are to be brushed aside for the sake of Profit and Globalisation.

  3. Mike Spencer Says:

    Well done Ollie – the results of what you have done will prove to all within the UK that the Government’s wish to put the power back in the hands of people is either going to work or not.
    Having read the Disability Now feature I am wanting to advise you about the “WheelEasier” which you can see on, and thouight that with your obvious enthusiasm for outting things right in the world – you may find this following information useful –

    Mission unstoppable
    Mike Spencer is on a mission to make life better for disabled people.

    His first brainwave occurred after he knocked over a tray of fruit and vegetables in his local supermarket while trying to manoeuvre his electric scooter. He realised that in the confined space between the aisles his scooter was too obtrusive. What he needed was his wheelchair. But how could he get his wheelchair to the shops? His ingenious solution was to devise a simple rack which attaches to the back of his scooter which then carries his wheelchair.

    Mike was so impressed with the idea that he decided to start up his own business – Ablequip Ltd., and bring his invention, christened the Wheel-Link, to a wider audience and was featured in MS Matters 75.
    The “WheelLink” costs £79.99

    His second brainwave occurred when he thought about the difficulties he experienced with pushing the rims on his manual wheelchair. He found the rims hurt his hands and were awkward to grip efficiently. His solution is the WheelEasier. This is a silicone covering which slips over the rim, instantly making them more comfortable to push and easier to grip.

    The real beauty of this invention is that the “”WheelEasier”, as he calls it, will fit any wheelchair, and there are many different sizes. All that is required is that the diameter of the wheel-grip is given and with a formula the manufacturer will identify the circumference and by then subtracting a certain length it will then , with its’ stretch ability fit snugly over the existing wheel-grip.

    Before – a pitcure pf the standard wheelchair
    After – a pictuire of the soft silicone grip which is placed around the painful and horrible wheel-grip.

    A pair of “WheelEasiers” costs just £39.99

    His determination has been to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying new expensive equipment but merely to upgrade existing equipment for a small price.
    Mike is absolutely determined that as many people as possible benefit from his eureka moments. You can see his products by keying into or indeed ring him on 01562 882201.

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