Resistance is never futile

Guest post sent in by BlackFlag, member of Carer Watch discussion forum

Whilst the body count in shattered lives may be rising, to sit back and continue to ignore the carnage is an easy option for many. After all, so long as one get to watch a soap opera or football match, life can continue as is, with no real concern for what is happening in the outside world. So be it for the majority!

For a few like minded individuals, without any need to combine resources under any flag of whatever colour, to accept such an existence is beyond their understanding. Whilst none of the individuals involved are seeking to appear as anything other than potential visionaries in the history books yet to be written, most are concerned with the actual Society we are living in.

Said Society,  more concerned with results achieved at the end of a balance sheet, that treats the planning of masses with great gusto, failing miserably to protect those most vulnerable inside it’s four walls against the storms brewing in respect of living conditions, food, energy, health … in essence, the basic necessities needed to survive in that Society.

It doesn’t take a degree in economics or social sciences to see the problem, or the solution, but it does take a great deal of energy, and patience, to convince the silent majority that, unless radical changes are made, there are only a few life jackets available when the good ship ‘Western Civilisations’ starts to sink. The warning signs continue to mount, other countries all already ahead of the collapse, Ireland being a prime example.

This is not a rallying call! Merely a plea from the wilderness for others to hear, and listen. Only by the majority electing for change, a few tweaks in economic policy for a catalyst, will anything meanifull be achieved over the medium \ long term.

After all, we only have one life, why not use it for the benefit of future generations. They, in turn, will only look back in praise of what we started in a pivotal moment in social \ political history.

Carers, elderly/disabled people…. only by uniting will any form of resistance be effective…. all are united by economic \ social circumstances…. to highlight any one without the others is a GROSS mistake.

 To open closed minds is never easy?


4 Responses to “Resistance is never futile”

  1. malka Says:

    i agree this a souless society fueled by greed and selfishness, which began in all earnest with thatcher and carried on by her sons blair and cameron with gusto…………..most people think it doesn’t effect them, but i’m afriad one day it will or someone they care for, and then they will ask what happened to the support benefits and the safety net…………

  2. patspetition (@patspetition) Says:

    “Carers, elderly/disabled people…. only by uniting will any form of resistance be effective….”
    We do need to unite – and we need the support of those who are not affected, as yet, by these issues.

    Take Pat’s Petition for instance – it was started with the intention of giving people who are housebound a way to voice their opinions. Many of us can’t attend marches and demonstrations, so we thought an epetition might be another way to be heard. But many disabled people can’t get online to vote – or they are too frightened of handing out their details to a government website.

    Issues for disabled people and carers aren’t just issues for ‘other people’ – they affect us all. Any one of us, or our families, could become disabled tomorrow.

    Please sign Pat’s Petition.

  3. Pat Onions Says:

    There is a group working very hard to bring all disabled people, carers and their families together as one voice. Pat’s petition. Support us by signing Tell everyone you know and then tell them again. This is the ‘resistence’ you talk about.

  4. malka Says:

    it does puzzle me that there are a million+ or so disabled, sick people and their carers out there , and yet only 9,000+ people have signed the petition……….what is going wrong with the way we communicate with people, or enable them to sign this, or are people scared to??
    when you think that 100.000 people signed to bring back hanging or some other right-wing daily mail readers petition, it makes me despair……..

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