Disability Alliance and Unity Law

New Legal Alliance to Help Disabled People Fight Unfair Cuts

Disability Alliance is pleased to announce the formal partnership with the specialist law firm for disability discrimination, Unity Law, to provide legal advice and support to anyone who is being discriminated against because of disability.

The partnership is very timely, coming amid potential breaches of community care law as Councils increase charges for essential homecare support [1].

Disability Alliance and Unity Law are both focused on ensuring that disabled people get fair access to support. 

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4 Responses to “Disability Alliance and Unity Law”

  1. ians12 Says:

    The government will simply change the law, then they will not be breaking it. They will not let a little bit of legislation get in the way of their grand plan.

  2. DiverseJustice Says:

    What does the Law state about leaving ones alone with out any income due to being to ill to attend those assessments. A year now without any income other than Mid Rate of DLA. Along with notice of council house eviction.

    • ians12 Says:

      They should at least give you a crisis payment.

    • DiverseJustice Says:

      Most of the time I find it very difficult to leave the house. And esspecially difficult to communicate with others. I’ve lost contact with all my family this past year simple because I don’t want them seeing the living conditions that I’m living under now. Once they make the changes to the DLA i will veiw that as legal assissted suicide. Had enough of fighting with the stress of all the changes that’s been going on.

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