New arrivals

Guest post from Pat Onions

Our arrival in South Lanarkshire was delayed by 2 months due to the seller pulling out of the house we were due to buy.

Several phone calls though saw the OT visiting 2 days after we moved here. She assessed David for various equipment which duly arrived. Sadly no riser recliner like the one he had been issued with in Perthshire. Post code lottery again.

With all the stress that had preceded our move i decided I would like help with David. Showering would be enough as it gave me a break and motivated him. Something I find hard to do!

He was duly assessed by his social worker who offered 3 showers per week. We felt 2 would be sufficient and I would do the others. Didn’t want to be greedy and thought someone else could benefit. All sorted and then we waited. And waited. And waited.

Weeks and weeks went by and I started to ask what was happening. Problems getting staff came the reply. So we waited some more. Eventually we were allocated a home carer. We were sent a time sheet which gave Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am as David’s time. I felt they were rather close together and a bit late to be getting him showered and dressed. Thursdays were his hospital appointment days so I asked if it could be changed to either a different day or earlier time? Please.

Nope. That is your allocated slot…take it or leave it. I begged, pleaded, bullied and almost bribed. Nope wouldn’t budge.

So after discussion we left it.

I took it up with senior management who wrote a pleasant letter back. We had been offered a service which we had refused so deleted from their books.

There was no flexibility or compassion shown. Some excuse about getting ‘older’ people dressed. It turned out these people were being picked up for their day at the day centre and had to be ready when the bus called. Set time and no flexibility there either.

We wondered why we bothered to even ask and I carried on as before. Respite? Respite? What ever is that? Figment of someone’s imagination.

Over the last 18 months David’s condition has continued to deteriorate and I struggle at times.

I just felt as a blind carer there might have been a little more care for me as well?



One Response to “New arrivals”

  1. ians12 Says:

    I think what you have just described is the case for many Carers in Scotland, there is little or no help available whatever postcode it is. The fact that they don’t make Direct Payments for Carers in Scotland also goes down badly. Its about time things improved.

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