How Compassionate are the new Welfare Reforms?

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, spoke last night at a joint Theos/Charities Parliament event on the question of How Compassionate are the new Welfare Reforms?
Addressing representatives of local, national and international charities, public sector workers and journalists, just hours after Chancellor George Osborne delivered his budget, Mr Duncan Smith laid out the rationale behind the Welfare Reform bill.
Working from the premise that the current system was too complex and it contained disincentives to work, and that social policy over recent years had offered too much stick and not enough carrot, Mr Duncan Smith drew on William Beveridge’s original vision of the welfare state. This would offer assistance to the needy but would also seek to motivate, offering incentives, opportunities and rewards to enable those in poverty to move out of the destructive cycles which have been so prevalent in recent decades.
read in full – Theos Think Tank

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