Disabled people Against Cuts ( DPAC )

Received from DPAC

As you probably know, the TUC is organising a national march and rally on 26 March 2011, in response to the government’s programme of fast and deep public spending cuts.

Disabled people are the ones who are hit the hardest by the cuts and we will be at the forefront of this march on the 26th. I hope you will be there too – with your organisation, trade union, DPOs, community groups etc.

Access information for the march can be found here

I will be there at Savoy Street with DPAC, Disabled People Against Cuts. Hope to see you there.

However, we also know many disabled people (and carers) will not be able to make it – with barriers such as distance, transport, access, pain, worry, lack of support etc. Can you please let them know that we have set up an online protest with some techies, see here  which will light up the map of UK with disabled people sending in their message of support and saying they would have come if they could?

To make it effective we need as many as we can – we have to show the present government that they have to rethink their cuts – and we can only do that if they think we have the will to do it. Rights not Charity is what we want to say to them – we do not want to go back to the Victorian era. We think the TUC will be showing this on the big screen at Hyde Park alongside the other events there. (not confirmed as yet)

But you know all that. So please can you get this to as many people as you can?


with thanks,


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