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Received from Fiona , Autism Rights

I’ve been reading online about the campaigning that’s going on against cuts to services and benefits for people with disabilities. I would like my own  organisation, Autism Rights, to be kept in touch with events, Most of us are parents of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and, as such, don’t have the time or opportunity to do a lot. We’re a Scottish group, so events in London are not possible for us.

Most of our services are non-existent or inappropriate to the needs of our children. We feel that this lack of services should be a part of the  campaigning on cuts. We believe that, budgets aside, there should be  enforceable  disability-specific standards for all services. Is this something we discuss with any of the groups campaigning on service and welfare cuts?

We recently made a submission to the Scottish Government’s Draft Autism Strategy. The latter half of this submission contains weblinks to all of our online documents.

As a result of the failure of the Autism Bill, I wrote an Open Letter to the Scottish Government, which I’ve posted on IndyMedia Scotland.

I’ve added in the weblinks to the articles that I’ve referred to at the bottom of my unedited letter below. I am sure this letter will be of interest to Carer’s Watch. If you’d like to post it up on your blog or website, please feel free to do so.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Fiona Sinclair

Autism Rights



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