NHS Neuromuscular Framework – Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

Received from MDC

Following a meeting today of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for muscular dystrophy, we are pleased to announce that the Department of Health is taking the first steps towards the development of a national strategy for neuromuscular services.

see here

Teresa Moss, Director of the NHS National Specialised Commissioning Team, made the announcement when giving evidence to MPs and Peers as part of their ongoing inquiry into access to specialist services. The lead Minister, Earl Howe, also wrote to confirm that a national working group has been set-up to identify and scope what is happening nationally in commissioning neuromuscular services.

It has been agreed that neuromuscular services will be part of the annual work plan for all ten NHS Specialised Commissioning Groups across England – the first time a coherent, national approach has been taken to the commissioning of vital specialised neuromuscular services.

These positive developments are largely thanks to the hard work of our supporters across the country, and we will be in touch again as soon as the details have been confirmed.

Yours sincerely,

Nic Bungay
Director of Campaigns & Care

PS – Please feel free to forward this email
http://muscular-dystrophy-campaign.org/720-DTSR-473FKLR9F1-0/fw.aspx to anyone you
think will be interested.

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
61 Southwark Street, London SE1 0HL


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