Bexley carers protest against changes to day centres

Parents protesting at plans to reduce the number of days adults with learning disabilities will be able to attend day centres

Parents who care for adults with learning disabilities claim they will suffer “breakdowns” due to added pressure if day centre changes go ahead.

John Stanton, chairman of Friends of Carlton Day Centre, Sidcup, led a meeting on Monday concerning proposals to cut the amount of days their children can attend due to spending cuts.

About 30 parents attended the meeting, including his wife Jo, who cares for their son who has the brain condition Microcephaly and is partially sighted.

She said: “He would be very angry with us and the centre if the number of days he attends is reduced. It would be unbearable and breakdown is inevitable.

“We’re both pensioners and wouldn’t be able to cope with his needs.”

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One Response to “Bexley carers protest against changes to day centres”

  1. me Says:

    shame on the council! this is agaist the chocie and control agenda and needs challenging|!|!

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