Hands off Our Pensions


Carer Watch are supporting this campaign.

Cameron’s government have gone back on their promise in the Coalition Agreement, and are delaying the state pension for thousands of women who are in their 50s at the moment. It will mean that when they come to retire in their 60s, thousands will have to work for up to two years longer.

read Barbaras’ story    and please sign the petition here

Rachel Reeves  MP has made a downloadable copy of the petition available. Please offer your support  to save the cross-party consensus on women’s state pension ages in the Pensions Act 2007 .

please return completed forms to 

Rachel Reeves MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA

download here –   Hands off our Pensions  

The planned fast-forwarding of women’s SPA  also affects men on low incomes too as they will have to wait longer to access Pension Credit. 
It will also affect low-income couples which were reliant on the woman obtaining her SP at the expected date under current legislation
25th February 2011
Age Uk to hold event at House of Commons – full details here

5 Responses to “Hands off Our Pensions”

  1. ians12 Says:

    I don’t understand how this is worked out, given the information on their website it says women will be required to retire at 66 if they were originally up for retirement between 2010 and 2018. So does this not mean some women will have to work up to 5 years longer?

    See if you can work it out, it says here


    Changes were announced in the Government’s recent Spending Review and these are included in the summary below and this schedule. The Spending Review changes bring forward the rise to 66 from 2026 to 2020. It is anticipated that the rises to 67 and 68 will also be bought forward.

    * Updated! Between April 2010 and November 2018, women’s retirement ages are increasing to 65. There will be an accelerated increase between April 2016 and November 2018.
    * New! Between December 2018 and April 2020, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 66.
    * Between April 2034 and April 2036, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 67.
    * Between April 2044 and April 2046, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 68.



  2. ians12 Says:

    Of course the cynical would say its to stop you getting DLA because that stops at age 65 on the plus side you could still get CA as then you would not be getting SP!

    Of course DLA and CA may have long gone by 2016 or whatever!

  3. simon briggs Says:

    i will support this

  4. Women’s Income Network opposes new wait for women’s state pension « Women Against the Cuts Says:

    […] https://carerwatch.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/hands-off-our-pensions/ […]

  5. Karen Says:

    Have you noticed how the raise in women’s retirment age particularly is always delivered by a smiling politician/news reader, or a propaganda smiling model as if it were something good to work some of the hard working women in this country to death ?? I would like Age UK to pipe up for us given we are eligible for the organisations help in our 50’s which is 16 years before women like me are able to draw their state pension.

    I have been a low paid manual worker all my life, plus brought up 3 children. my joints are wobbly painful now, and on perminent pain killers, so with another 9 years to work I will be pushing up daisies by the time I am eligible for a state pension. That would be of course much cheaper for the government which is what they want.

    My body simply cannot keep lifting heavy weights upstairs at work, walking 4 miles a day to save costly bus fares until I am 66 yrs old. My age related painful condition disagrees with having 6 more working years added to my life.

    Living longer they say ??? Not for manual workers, only white collars who have often an occupational pension anyway.

    I will be totally crippled with arthritis by the time I am 66 yrs old. Too well for DLA I dare say, but no light work jobs out there for someone in their late 50’s, and no advisors for our age group ( there should be as they have singled us out as a social experiment !!!) – just keep working they say. I want to know how to grow new cartlidge and joints – please advise !!!

    Do we get the cheaper option of Job Seekers Allowance in our 60’s if we can’t keep going ? Of course !! It is cheaper than giving us a pension !!!

    we will be saving the government millions as Job seekers allowance is currently £67.50 much cheaper than a state pension.

    Some of us have been working since we were 15 yrs old and feel totally robbed of a rest and quality of life . Often white collar workers didn’t start work until they had finished university in their mid-twenties sometimes.

    The raising of the retirement age has wrongly assumed we ”all work in the office”

    ”we all somehow welcome these new changes”

    ”we are all physically and mentally fit”

    ” we don’t need advise on how to keep working until we drop when none of the above apply”

    Let us retire and the young ones enter the job market as being worked to an early grave is not attractive to anyone but the government !!!

    Karen (single mum and grandma)

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