I thought Cameron would protect my autistic son

FOR Philomena Lavin, the 59 days her severely handicapped son Daniel goes to respite care at a country cottage is the lifeline which makes it possible for her to summon the energy to cope the rest of the year. Suffering from the severest form of autism, Daniel regularly sleeps fewer than three hours a night and cannot be left alone for a second when he is awake.

Now council officials have told the 46-year-old single mother from Lancashire, who fled a violent marriage, she might lose this small amount of help because four out of eight respite centres in the county are closing due to Government cuts in local budgets.

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2 Responses to “I thought Cameron would protect my autistic son”

  1. Casdok Says:

    They dont understand by spending money in the short term to support people it will be cheaper in the long term and save so much more than money.

  2. ians12 Says:

    Its more important for councils to support local businesses like pubs clubs and bingo halls, come on, after all, most councillors have links to the businesses they give money to!

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