Will carers learn their future today

Update : IDS gave NO details as regards Carers Allowance. Details will be in Welfare Bill due soon. So still carers wait

Following on from yesterdays announcement from the government of providing £1.9m to help carers groups across the UK, Carer Watch ask is this enough?

Whilst the identification of carers is vital, as many people do not recognise themselves as carers, can they expect more than words from the government. Carers now are struggling, so what does the future hold when their numbers will increase.

Carers have always been a necessity to the running of this country and as cutbacks within Local Authorities start to bite even more, the foundation they provide is going to be essential.  The govt are wanting carers to remain in work/return to work but if satisfactory support/respite not available, how many carers will in reality need to consider giving work up.

For too long now governments, past and present, have failed to address the issues surrounding Carers Allowance. Since the Coalition came to power they have released many publications, held many consultations, yet carers finances were never discussed. Time and time again we were told Carers Allowance would be looked at in the wider welfare reform. Even the ‘Refresh of the Carers Strategy’ ruled out discussing finances. Doing so undermined what it could achieve.

Now we have the proposal of the Universal Credit and once again NO details given regarding Carers Allowance. Today, the DWP Select Committee will listen to evidence from the Rt Honourable Iain Duncan Smith and his officials. You can watch it live from 9.30 am

Will carers learn their fate today…..or will our heading tomorrow be….carers once again ignored ?

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2 Responses to “Will carers learn their future today”

  1. ians12 Says:

    Carers will always be ignored because nobody is fighting our corner properly in Westminster. They all seem to assume every Carer wants to do additional work or that most Carers are in fact “workless” to use their very contrived term.

  2. There is ‘NO split view’ among the carer groups « Carer Watch's Blog Says:

    […] Watch had hoped that carers would receive some answers regarding the future of Carers Allowance   yet once again the issues were placed on the back burner. Reason given –  that the details will […]

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